Electric Guitars live in concert

Winther Tour 2019

05-12-19 Beta 2300 - København

12-12-98 Pavillonen - Grenaa

13-12-19 Tøjhuset - Fredericia

14-12-19 Cosmorama - Bramming

19-12-19 Posten - Odense

20-12-19 Gimle - Roskilde


Summer Tour 2020



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L I V E   R E V I E W




Guitarists extraordinaire Mika Vandborg and Søren Andersen are each reputed veterans in the established Danish scene, having played with names like Gnags, Loveshop, Mike Tramp and Glenn Hughes to name a few. Since 2012 the two have joined forces in the somewhat self explanatory Electric Guitars project which is entirely focused on showcasing the pair's love of the riff and the solo, and which drew attention to itself last year when the band invited ten of Denmark's most famous guitarists to contribute a solo each to their album track "Hero Of Mine". Tonight is my first encounter with the band however, which is completed by a drummer and bassist in the back and with the two guitar heroes up front, and coming in I harbour some skepticism towards what I consider somewhat of a gimmicky concept. As it soon becomes apparent though, the two frontmen make for a compelling dynamic: They look as different as they come, with Andersen sporting the classic tight pants, greasy long hair and sleeveless vest combo, while Vandborg is entirely untraditional with uniform style jacket, knee high riding boots (Han Solo style), bald head and a most awesome combination of beard and curly mustache. He looks at the same time iconic and utterly stoked to be playing guitar with his friend for us, and while both deliver one tasty little lick after the other, both also showcase competent singing abilities. It's obvious that few risks have been taken in the the songwriting department and that riffs are far more important than lyrical content or vocal hooks, and you get the feeling that two gentlemen of such competence could've challenged themselves a bit more here, but overall the timing, energy and heaps of brazen axe-brandishing is so cheeky and contagious that the band could probably get away with murder. To my surprise, one of the most entertaining entrants on the poster.